​Grateful Bread Bakery

Cape Kiawanda, Located 1 mile from The Grateful Bread Bakery.

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Photograph by Guillaume Constanza

The Grateful Bread Bakery staff is committed to making great food and providing friendly service to their loyal patrons. With over 100 years of combined service experience,  it is no surprise that your meal at "The Bread" would be nothing but exceptional. Especially since 64 years of of that combined service experience has been in The Grateful Bread Bakery. This crew knows how to have fun while providing the highest quality food to it's small Oregon Coast community, and that is why customers and employees both, can never get enough!   

Robyn Barcroft, owner of The Grateful Bread since 2001, has known that she wanted to own a restaurant since her first job at 15 years old at a fast-food restaurant. She grew up in Bend, Oregon on a cattle ranch. When her parents retired to Pacific City, she started to visit and fell in love with the community. She moved to the area and eventually started cooking at The Grateful Bread. She met her husband and moved back to Bend, but as soon as the restaurant came up for sale, she jumped at the chance to own such an already established landmark on the Oregon Coast. "I bought the restaurant of my dreams, and literally the day after I signed the paperwork, 9/11 happened." Robyn had doubts about the economy, but her worries did not last long. "It wasn't hard to see that this little coastal community supports it's local businesses." says Robyn.

It may come as a surprise, but the name Grateful Bread was originally just a play on words. Of course fans of the legendary band The Grateful Dead began flocking to the bakery, often leaving memorabilia. To commemorate the band and its devoted fans, Grateful Bread Bakery’s entire staff began wearing tie-dyed uniforms.

"We are so grateful for the love, kindness, and support that our customers have shown us over the years." 


  Pacific City, Oregon